Proper Lawn Care isn’t just a prestige or vanity project, albeit it that a regularly maintained and well manicured lawn can be aesthetically pleasing for any property.

A healthy lawn is important for the larger environment, ecosystem and our communities. Our families, friends and society as a whole benefit from the trees, grass, the shrubs, the native animals and believe it or not, ensuring that your lawn is maintained can improve the quality of yours and your families life.

Think about it, when your lawn is in good condition, not only are you more likely to spend time outside in the fresh air enriching your wellbeing, but you’re more likely to utilise your yard, as are your family, your children and pets – knowing they are free to play an explore without the worry of bindis or other nasty lawn pests, or constant fear of inhabitants of the long grass and unmaintained havens for snakes and other less desirable insects; roaches and more.

The idea that lush lawn not only looks and feels great but it can increase your property value and influence the general price and value of property in your community. It actually has some other hidden benefits and bonuses for our environment.

Your lawn contains a complex system of roots that cover the span of your yard, this ground covering helps with water purification, erosion and utilises our seasonal weather. Your grassed areas also collect water and act as a filtration making the groundwater cleaner and healthier. Not only that but your lawn absorption of many things like heat – assisting with temperature control and decreasing your air conditioning bills, as well as absorbing carbon and creating oxygen – in it’s simplest form – assisting us to breathe cleaner air.

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So what can you do to improve your lawn:

  1. Implement a regular lawn mowing regime whereby you regularly mow your lawn or have companies like “Nixon’s Lawn & Garden Service| Lawn Mowing Newcastle” to take the hassle out of weekly, fortnightly, monthly lawn mowing all year round.
  2. Monitor the moisture in your lawn – Periodically monitor your lawn depending on seasons for the right levels of moisture. Whilst there are currently water restrictions in place here in NSW Australia, this might mean setting up a water tank to catch the water from your roof and gutters and using that to water your lawn, or recycling the water from your wash machine to hydrate your lawn.
  3. Weed Spraying & regularly weeding lawn and garden beds – Removal of Weeds, Thistles, Bindis, Clover and more, along with any other lawn inhabiting plant, pests or diseases.
  4. Fertilising & Feeding your lawn – you can use a variety of weed and feed sprays your lawn, or apply nutrient fertilizers in order to improve the volume and hardiness of the lawn

The team at Nixon’s Lawn & Garden Service are lawn experts. Offering Lawn Mowing, Edging, Weed Spraying, Hedge Trimming / Pruning, Gardening, Fertilising, Pressure Washing Decks, Tree lopping and rubbish removal.

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