Lawn & Garden Services Newcastle & Lake Macquarie:

Experts in the industry providing prompt, reliable Lawn Care.
We offer a variety of services including the following:

Lawn Mowing, Gardening, Grounds Maintenance & More:

  • Lawn mowing – We offer both push mowing and the use of our ride-on mowers where permited to maintain a variety of size spaces, small, medium and large.
  • Whipper Snipping / Edging  – as means of providing a clean cut and finish around the boundaries of your parametre of your property and various items on your property; including gates, pot plants, garden beds and so on. Our experienced staff careful, efficiently will take care of all of your whippersnipping and edging requirements.
  • Pruning – Whether you’ve got trees or bushes that have overgrown, perhaps you’re wanting to have the plant cut back, cleaned up, or you’re wanting to have the plans cut seasonally or to promote thicker volume and growth.  Nixon’s Lawns & Garden service can take care of all your garden pruning requirements.
  • Hedging –  The art of hedging is an acquired skillset and knowing when and how to cut back your hedges in order to get optimal growth and coverage. Your Nixon’s Lawn & Garden team member can assist with your hedging requirements, including clean up!
  • Pressure Washing – Nixon’s Lawn & Garden service can also offer pressure washing of your paths and driveways and decks.  Pressure washing removes stubborn dirt and markings and helps with the overal presentation and maintenance.  Pressure washing your deck is an ideal process when you’re looking to restore or restain.  Often we’ll pressure clean a deck prior to applying a secondary stain coating.  Professional & affordable pressure washing, contact us today.


  • Fertilizing –  Keeping your lawn and garden in tip top shape means providing nutrients to the soil, the garden bed, Nixon’s Lawn & Garden service offer effective fertilizing methods to promote growth and stability of your lawns and gardens.
  • General gardening – We provide a variety of general gardening services including top soiling, planting, raking leaves, weeding, aeration, watering and general garden care.
  • Weed spraying – Keeping on top of pesky weeds, bindiis and thistle and other nuisance weeds can be time consuming and  messy,  the team of Nixon’s lawn use a range of recommended weed sprays to ensure your yard is kept in great condition all year around.
  • Tree Lopping – Let us take the hassle out of removing unwanted trees, whether dead trees or a messy flowering plant, a tree infringing on access to your yard or home, through to palm tree removal – we do it all!
  • Rubbish removal – whether you’re looking to have unwanted residential rubbish from yourself or a tenant, Nixon’s Lawn & Garden Service have capacity to assist with the removal of unwanted rubbish from your property. Enquire today to get a quote.

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